Fortnites new gamemode

Fortnite has a new game mode.  This game mode is air royale.  What is is where you stay in a plane the whole time.  You have three planes, and once you lose all three planes you die.  You get weapon upgrades by thee chest in the air. Once all the planes are gone you get a air royale.


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Fortnite’s Reboot Van

In fortnites latest update they have added a revive van.  What this van does it revives your team mates that have been finished when they were knocked out.  But you cant just revive your team like in apex.  What you need is a revive ticket then you can revive your team mates.  When you respawn you get a grey pistol and 100 wood.

Fortnites problem

Today i will be talking about fortnites biggest problem right now.  A lot of big streamers are complaining about this right now.  So here are the problems.  The first problem is that epic games added a thing where after every kill you get you would get 50 health and 50 shield and 50+ mats.

But fortnite decided to change this and a lot of streamers are upset because they got used to this.  The next problem is this thing called stretched res.  Stretch res is a thing where you screen would be able to get wider so you can aim easier.  But fortnite decided to change this.  The reason why a lot of big streamers are upset is because they decided to change it right before the qualifier of the world cup.  If you are wondering what the world cup is it is the biggest tournament that fortnite will have.  What do you think that fortnite will do next?




Dialga and Rayquaza

In Pokemon go raids there are two new Pokemon!  The first new Pokemon in raids is Rayquaza, this Pokemon just came our yesterday.  The other Pokemon came out right after the Palkia raids.  This Pokemon is Dialga.


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The game I will talk about today is anthem.  This game is playable on windows, xbox, and Ps4.  If you are wondering what anthem is well here is what it is,  Anthem is an online multiplayer action ad role video game.  This game was released in February.  This game is really fun and you should play it.