The game I will talk about today is anthem.  This game is playable on windows, xbox, and Ps4.  If you are wondering what anthem is well here is what it is,  Anthem is an online multiplayer action ad role video game.  This game was released in February.  This game is really fun and you should play it.


Pokemon Shield and Pokemon sword

Pokemon has released their new game coming out.  Their new games are Pokemon shield and pokemon sword.  The release is going to be some where in 2019.  Game freak has even showed the new starters!  Their names are Grookey the grass type starter, Scorbunny for fire type, and sobble for the water type.

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Fortnite season eight

Today is the first day of fortnite season eight!  This season is after the many earthquake events.  New additions to the fortnite map is risky reels is back and the block is out.  Another addition to the new map is a volcano has appeared and their is a new spot called lazy lagoon.  There are many new spots but i don’t remember all of their names.  Also as promised if you do your overtime challenges you will get a free battle pass.

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Infantry rifle

There is a new gun in fortnite.  This gun is called the Infantry rifle, it comes in common, uncommon, and rare.  It does 45 to the body and 90 to the head.  This rifle is kind of like the heavy ak but it has only eight shots.


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Apex Legends

There is a new Battle royale game in the gaming community.  This game is Apex legends, this game has just been released, it came out on February 4, 2019.  On its fifth day of released it already has 50 million players!  This game is kind of like oerwatch because you can choose a legend and that certain character will have its own special ability.  As of right now you can only play with as a trio.

Apex has officially come out with a season one!  It has a new battle pass and many more new things.  So far I have really liked this and I really recommend this to anybody who is over playing fortnite due to its recent update.



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