Naruto new blazing bash

Today I will be talking about Naruto’s new summons and its prizes.  First I will be talking about their prizes.  If you did the fourteen day login bonus you could of gotten 5000 ninja pearls.  Another reward you could of gotten was their 500 ninja pearls for being sorry about the limit break crystal.  For their summons their is a new pain the has a huge amount of health and a good attack.  His type is a heart type.  I was able to pull this card on my first try! In my opinion this card is very op.


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Nba 2k19 packs

Today I will be talking about the new packs in nba 2k19.  They are the next generation packs.  They contain pink diamond lonzo ball, galaxy opal trae young, galaxy opal ben simmons, and galaxy opal luka doncic.


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Fortnite season 9

Last week fortnites season nine came out,  with this season many things changed including one of the most used items.  What happened was after the volcano event happened they have rebuilt titled and retail.  They are now called mega mall and Neo tilted.  Here is some sad news too, epic has decided to vault the pump shotgun and they have replaced it with the new combat shotgun.  The combat shotgun comes in uncommon, epic, and legendary.  This gun also has crazy range.  But in my own opinion the old pump shotgun was way better.



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Fortnites unvaulting event

Last weekend  fortnites unvaulting event happened.  Unfortunately fortnite had a problem and some people weren’t able to experience this event.  What happened in this event was people were able to chose what gun they wan’t back, but unfortunatley  the fortnite community chose to bring back the drum gun.  After all this the volcano exploded and sent meteors to three places.  These places were tilted towers, polar peeks ice berg, and retail row.

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Nba 2k19 new card

Today I will be talking about a new card in nba 2k19.  This card is michale jordan, this card come in many ways.  They are amethest, diamond, pink diamond, limited edition pink diamond, galaxy opal, and limited edition galaxy opal.  There is only 23 versions of it.

Fortnite shadow bomb

Yesterday in fortnites new update they have added a new item.  That item is the shadow bomb.  What this does is it makes you invisible for about 15 seconds.  You can use this item even if you are in the air, and you can also use this item so you wont get any fall damage.  This item gives u the ability to double jump.


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minecraft pocket edition

Today I will be talking about minecraft pocket edition.   If you want to get minecraft on your mobile it will cost you about $7.  In my own opinion it is better than fortnite right now due to fortnites constant mistakes in their recent updates.  Minecraft pe is like a regular minecraft game.


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Fortnite’s Endgame

Fortnite has added a new game mode.  This new game mode is called endgame.  Fortnite got this game mode from the new movie that came out yesterday.  This game mode is like thanos and his minions and him against super heros.  You become thanos by being the first person who picks up the infinity stone.


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